Pat Davidson

Understanding Habit Formation for Nutritional Interventions

A Talk by Pat Davidson (Coach, Author, Lecturer,

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Normally intelligent, rational people make logical decisions in most realms of their life, yet they continue to fall victim to believing in dietary fads, gimmicks, and other nonsense peddled to them from charlatans, frauds, and fools. Why do people allow nonsensical, scientifically unsupported quackery to influence their food choices so often? To understand this far reaching topic, we have to appreciate the role that habit formation plays in our behavioral repertoire. If we can appreciate some of the conscious and unconscious influences that impact how we eat, then excellent, evidence based practitioners can reach their clients more effectively and influence people to make intelligent, sustainable choices in their dietary lives.

January 23, 2020, 05:00 AM

05:00 AM - 06:00 AM

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Pat Davidson

Pat Davidson

Coach, Author, Lecturer,

Pat Davidson, Ph.D, is an independent trainer, consultant, author, and lecturer in NYC. Pat is the former Director of Training Methodology and Continuing Education for Peak Performance, and former Professor of Exercise Science at Springfield College and Brooklyn College. Pat is also a former 175 pound strongman competitor who finished top 10 in the USA twice, competed in two World Championships, and finished top 10 in the world once. Pat is interested in all realms of human organism improvement, and is relentless in pursuing education.