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Dr. Eric Helms

Chief Science Officer and Coach, 3D Muscle Journey

Alan Flanagan

Nutrition Scientist, Alineanutrition.com

Menno Henselmans

Founder, Author and Coach, Mennohenselmans.com

Dr. Mike Israetel

Chief Sport Scientist, Renaissanceperiodization.com

Eugen Loki

Founder, Coach & CEO, Pheasyque.com

Dr. Jorn Trommelen

Assistant Professor, Nutritiontactics.com

Mike Tuchscherer

Head Coach, Reactivetrainingsystems.com

Luis Villaseñor

Founder and Nutrition Specialist, Ketogains.com

Børge André Fagerli

Coach and Mentor, Borgefagerli.com

Dr. Brad Dieter

COO & Director of Science, Macrosinc.net

Sarah Duff

Coach,Speaker, Co-Founder, Sarahdufflifestyleandfitness.com

Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Founder and Coach, Vitaminphdnutrition.com

Steve Hall

Founder and Coach, Revivestronger.com

Juma Iraki

Founder and Coach, Jumairaki.com

Dr. Carl Juneau

Founder and CEO, Dr. Muscle

Jonas Notter

Bodybuilding Champion, PNBA

Alyssa Olenik

PhD Student, Coach, Littlelyssfitness.com

Dr. Brandon Roberts

Director of Research and Education, Thestrengthguys.com

Dr. Lucas Tafur

Molecular biologist, Co-founder, Nutmol.com

Thomas Thoresen

Personal Trainer | Online Coach, Thoresen Fitness

Dr. Mike T.Nelson

Author, Creator, Adjunct Faculty, Miketnelson.com

Adam Tzur

Founder, Sci-fit.net

Sam Altieri

Coach, Speaker and Author, Balancewithsam.com

Szoták Andrei

Personal Trainer, Coach, Themuscleengineer.podbean.com

Michelle Bernard

Educator, Author, Speaker, Liveaboveordinary.com

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