Sarah Duff

Morning routines and mental fitness their impact on achieving a fitness goal.

A Talk by Sarah Duff (Coach,Speaker, Co-Founder,

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In this presentation, I will talk about the power of these often neglected pieces of the puzzle when starting out on a transformational journey to better health and well being. If you have been struggling to get real transformational results in your life then adopting the practice of mind management could be the thing you’ve been missing.

January 23, 2020, 05:00 AM

05:00 AM - 06:00 AM

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Sarah Duff

Sarah Duff

Coach,Speaker, Co-Founder,

Hello! I’m Sarah a journal and thought management junkie! And at the age of 41, after a journey from using alcohol, training & diet extremes as my crutches to mask a deep level of dissatisfaction & unhappiness I have transformed myself and finally connected to my purpose, which is to empower & guide women from a life where they are unhappy so they play small, self-sabotage and have no self-belief. Into women who step fully into their power and understand their mind. They see the false beliefs that have been holding them back but armed with the right tools & self-belief they manage their thoughts so are empowered to push past the blocks which makes them unstoppable. They know that if they want to quit emotional eating & drinking and lose weight they can if they want to get really strong they can if they want to become a successful entrepreneur they can, I know they can because if I can do it anyone can! In a nutshell, I help create strong powerful, unstoppable women!